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Thread – and Why It Matters

The first thing most folks do when picking thread for a project is to pick color. Certainly, it’s important to find an appropriate color. But the first thing that a person should do is to ascertain the TYPE of thread. Picking color comes next.

When walking into a sewing machine retailer, it’s not unusual to find many types of thread available. All these different types of thread come in an amazing array of colors. But if you inadvertently pick up a topstitch thread for your machine embroidery project because it is the perfect shade of Robin’s Egg Blue, you’re setting yourself up for gobs of trouble.

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Troubleshooting Thread & Needles

So, just how important are threads and needles to sewing? WAY important! In the course of my 20 years as a shop owner, I fixed more sewing machines simply by changing the needle and thread than anything else. (The right size and type of needle and thread really does make a difference - go figure.)

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Tips for Using Metallic Thread

Metallic thread can be eye-catching and add luxuriousness, sparkle and glamour to your projects. But just the thought of sewing with a metallic thread gives some sewers a tension headache. Here are some tips to help you navigate the world of metallic threads stress-free.

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Thread Talk with Russell Conte

As a former sewing shop owner for twenty years, a teacher at Los Angeles Trade Technical College and sewer for many years, Russell Conte knows that choosing the right thread can be a daunting task. Read about the types of thread he uses for his projects.

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The Difference Between Quilting and Embroidery Thread

Strength, weight, finish and sometimes content are the main ways Quilting thread and Embroidery thread differ. Below please find general guidelines of some basics.

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Thread Weight Basics

Madeira thread comes in many types, sizes, colors and weights. So, what does the weight of the thread actually mean? Let’s break it down to a few simple things to remember.

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All About Madeira Stabilizer

Feeling overwhelmed about all the different types of stabilizer? Unsure of which stabilizer to use for what fabric or project? We’re here to help! Keep reading below to learn more about Madeira stabilizer and how to easily choose the perfect type for each of your projects.

Madeira has three main types of stabilizer – Wash-Away, Tear-Away and Cut-Away.

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The Scoop on Serger Thread

Ready to serge your next great project? Before you begin, make sure you’re using the right thread — specifically serger thread. Let’s take a look at what you should use.

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Five Tips for Hassle-Free Sewing

Looking to make your sewing projects less of a pain and more fun? You’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a helpful list of ways to make every project — no matter what you’re creating — enjoyable.

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Types of Machine Embroidery Thread

There are lots of machine embroidery threads out there with so many sizes and colors and types to choose from. So how do you know where to start? That’s where Madeira can help. Since you’ve invested in a quality machine, your thread should be as well. Thread that is lumpy, uneven, fuzzy or inconsistent is going to shred or break, cause you frustration and most importantly – yield poor results. What’s the point of putting in a ton of work and not getting quality thread? Thread LITERALLY holds the project together! There are a lot of options, but we’ll boil it down to four types Your choice will vary based on project:

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Choosing Quilting Thread Colors

Choosing a color for quilting can be a daunting task. But ultimately it is a personal choice. There are some rules of thumb to help get you started – but remember, if it is your quilt, you can make the rules! In traditional quilting, thread should match or blend with the fabrics in the quilt.

Patterns & Projects

Make cloud coasters with metallic thread!

Metallic thread is so much fun to use. Once you start adding a bit of sparkle to projects, you can't stop! So why not make these cute coasters? Shaped like clouds, these felt coasters will pop with your favorite colors of Madeira Metallic thread. Perfect for a hostess gift or a party, you'll want to make them for everyone!

Patterns & Projects

Embroidery, Appliques and Glamour Thread!

Who doesn't want to add a funky floral touch to their lives? These quick embroidered flower appliques are the perfect update to any pillow, bag or outfit or put magnets on the back and decorate your refrigerator. Use Madeira Glamour Thread to give the flowers a bit of sparkle. If you're into aromatherapy, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to add a calming touch.

Patterns & Projects

Can you use decorative thread with a serger? Yes!

If you have been serging for a while, you know how awesome it is! You also may be tired of looking at solid colored threads in your stitches. We're here to tell you that you no longer are limited! You can use decorative thread with a serger. Yes, that's right! You are no longer limited and can use any heavy-weight decorative thread. Metallic, variegated, the sky's the limit!

Patterns & Projects

Easy Bowtie Tutorial

Bow ties are timeless and super-easy to sew! Create several in only 30 minutes and wrap them up for a great Father’s Day gift that’s handmade and heartfelt. Then, make one for the little man in his life! Download our easy Bow Tie Tutorial.