Types of Machine Embroidery Thread

Types of Machine Embroidery Thread

There are lots of machine embroidery threads out there with so many sizes and colors and types to choose from. So how do you know where to start? That’s where Madeira can help. Since you’ve invested in a quality machine, your thread should be as well. Thread that is lumpy, uneven, fuzzy or inconsistent is going to shred or break, cause you frustration and most importantly – yield poor results. What’s the point of putting in a ton of work and not getting quality thread? Thread LITERALLY holds the project together! There are a lot of options, but we’ll boil it down to four types Your choice will vary based on project:

Rayon Thread

The most common, glossy, and machine washable.

Polyester Thread

Typically a nice shine, stronger thread good with highest speed machines, machine washable even colorfast with some household bleaches.

Cotton Thread

Natural fibers with no shine, great for quilting projects, machine washable – cold.

Matt Finish

Frosted look, great to combine with others to create shading and dimension, machine washable.

Bobbin Thread

Bobbin Thread

Madeira offers a great variety of these threads in colors and weight options. And while you are checking them out, don’t forget bobbin thread! Most often the bobbin thread is not seen on embroidery projects, so this typically comes in white and black. But it is equally important in the success of your project.

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