The Scoop on Serger Thread

The Scoop on Serger Thread

Ready to serge your next great project? Before you begin, make sure you’re using the right thread — specifically serger thread. Let’s take a look at what you should use.

A strong two-ply core-spun 100% polyester thread is most popular for all-purpose serging. Serger thread is wound on a cone and in larger yardages than a sewing machine spool. The thread unwinds off the top of the spool to flow freely into the serger for high-speed sewing.

It is lightweight so seams are soft and it stretches with knits without breakage. Because a typical overlock stitch has several threads used together in one seam it is best to use a two-ply thread versus a three-ply thread to eliminate bulk.

Using a good quality thread is important. You don’t want a thread to produce a lot of fuzz and lint, cause tension issues or have low tensile strength causing it to break often. To avoid this, it is important to purchase a good quality thread like Madeira Aerolock — and know the difference between a polyester thread and a core-spun polyester thread.

A core-spun polyester thread is made up of a polyester wrapped polyester core thread. This combination makes the fiber strong and resilient, and excellent for serger stitching at higher speeds. Giving you neat professional long-lasting overlock stitches to compliment your fabric.

Madeira Aerolock serger thread comes in a large variety of colors to coordinate with your fabric. Check them out here.