Shamrock Towel

Shamrock Towel

Created by Lisa Knight  | Jan 27, 2020

Every kitchen needs a shamrock hand towel for St. Patrick’s Day. Easily piece together strips of fabric and add a festive embroidery design to make this fun towel. Click here to download printable instructions.

Step 1. Open IQ Designer or similar program.

Step 2. Go to the shapes icon and choose the heart.

Step 3. Choose the size key and reduce the size proportionately in all 4 directions to 2.50” x 2.61”.

Step 4. Move the heart to the top of the design page. Select duplicate.

  1. Rotate the copied heart 90 degrees to the right and then move this heart over and down. Then click duplicate key again and click rotate 90 degrees to the left 2 times.

Step 5. Now move the left heart shape together with the top right heart shape. Then select the right heart shape by drawing a box around it.

  1. Next move it like you did the left heart shape so that it intersects with the original heart shape. When trying to get your intersection the way you want it, zoom into your page 400%.
  2. TIP: You should save it to memory. This will keep you from having to start from scratch if you make an error along the way.

Step 6. Select the erase icon on the screen. With your stylus, begin to remove the lines you do not want.

  1. When erasing or editing, lift the stylus off the screen periodically so that if you need to undo an area it does not undo a big area just small portions at a time.

Step 7. Use the navigation box on the upper right of the screen to trace around your shamrock.

  1. Make sure you have not missed any areas that you wanted to erase and to make sure that all the lines that you have left are continuous so that there are no gaps.

Step 8. Once you are finished erasing the unwanted lines you will have a shamrock shape.

  1. Save this shape to the Memory Pocket on the machine.

Step 9. Open the shapes icon again. Open the line shapes and choose the spiral swirl.

  1. Reduce the size and stretch a little lengthwise to create the stem.
  2. Place it where you want it and save the design to the Memory Pocket on the machine.

Step 10. Select Fill Properties. Select fills. Select the Celtic design. Select green color.

  1. Select the beaker icon and then touch inside the shamrock shape with your stylus. This will add the selected fill to the inside area of the shape.
  2. Click next and then click on the fill icon.
  3. Reduce size of fill to 65% and click set. Save to Memory Pocket on your machine.

Step 11. Select your stem section and make sure it is where you want it.

  1. Then select line properties.
  2. Choose chain stitch and a color.
  3. Select the beaker icon and touch the stem line.
  4. Now select line properties again, select the candle wicking stitch and a color and touch the outline of the shamrock.
  5. Save to Memory Pocket on your machine.
  6. Tip: Make sure to select your items in the order that you would like them to stitch.
  7. Now is the time to test stitch this design out on fabric of similar weight.

Step 12. Once you are happy with the size and stitch out of your design, you can create your towel.

Step 13. Pre-wash your fabric and towel so that any shrinkage or color running happens before you complete your project.

Step 14. To prep the towel, use a tear away wash away stabilizer.

  1. If you’re towel is very light weight you may want to treat with Terial Magic.
  2. Hoop your treated towel and a piece of tear away wash away stabilizer in a 5” x 7” hoop.

Step 15. Position your design using your favorite method. Once positioned proceed to stitch.

  1. Madeira Rayon color number 1248 Light green.
  2. Madeira Rayon color number 1250 Dark green.
  3. Madeira Rayon color number 1377 Medium green.
  4. Madeira Rayon color number 1250 in the bobbin so that the bobbin thread matched closely to the towel color.

Step 16. When stitching is complete you will want to cut or tear away as much stabilizer as possible. Then wash, dry and press the towel.

Step 17. Now you are ready to add the band and complete the towel.

Step 18. Cut the band fabric 2.5” x .5” wider than the towel.

Step 19. Cut the second band fabric 1.5” x .5” wider than the towel.

Step 20. Stitch the 2 fabrics together with a ¼” seam. Press towards darker fabric.

Step 21. Stitch band fabric to bottom edge of towel with right side of towel and right side of band together. Press towards towel.

Step 22. Now press sides of band in ¼” on each side and press the bottom of band under a ¼”. Miter the corners.

Step 23. Now press band up to cover the bottom of the towel pin where you want it and then edge stitch band at sides and top of band.

  1. Using an edge foot for the machine is helpful at this point.

Step 24. Press and your towel is complete.

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