Serger Strand Jewelry

Serger Strand Jewelry

Created by Kelly Laws  | May 17, 2006

Sergers are not just for hems and seams – easily make a beautiful necklace, bracelet and more with just a serger, beads, Madeira thread and fishing line! This project will come together in a snap, so make them for everyone who would appreciate a little extra accessorizing!

Step 1. Thread the machine with all-purpose thread in the needle, the variegated thread in the upper looper and the solid thread in the lower looper.

Step 2. Place your settings for a three-thread rolled hem. Disengage the knife blade.

Step 3. Place the fishing line between the needle and the knife, under the back of the foot, but over the toe of the foot.

Step 4. Holding 5-6" of loose fishing line behind the presser foot, serge over the fishing line, encasing it into the stitching of the rolled hem.

Step 5. Continue to serge over the fishing line until you have approximately 6 yards of serger chain. Cut the chain from the machine.

Step 6. Tie the first end on the lowest loop on one side of the adjustable strand clasp.

Step 7. Using an ironing board or other pin-able surface, pin the clasp down.

  1. Measure approximately 18" and pin the other side of the clasp down. You will be working between these clasps. Pinning them down will keep the rows even distance apart.

Step 8. Slide a bead on, then tie a knot in the chain to keep it in place.

Step 9. Slide on a second bead and tie it into position.

Step 10. Then attach the other side of the 3-strand clasp by sliding the chain through the loop on the clasp, tie it, and repeat the beading process.

Step 11. Continue beading until you have multiple rows on each loop of the clasp.

  1. Note: We placed three rows on the first loop; two rows on the middle loop; and three on the last loop and varied the type, size and position of our beads for each row.

Step 12. Place a drop of seam sealant on each knot and each excess chain strand.

Step 13. After the seam sealant is dry, clip any remaining serger chain tails.

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