Little Girl's Spring Skirt

Little Girl's Spring Skirt

Created by Milinda Jay Stephenson  | Mar 18, 2020

A floral embroidery design is the perfect thing to use to create a beautiful skirt for the little girl in your life. You can use the design to fill the entire skirt fabric giving it lots of pop and color. Then use a serger to easily finish the hem. Click here to download printable instructions.

Step 1. Prepare to embroider:

  1. Hoop cut away stabilizer and fabric in 10 5/8” x 16” embroidery hoop.
  2. Load Floral Fantasy design or other design for skirt.
  3. Copy the 7.8” x 7.62” design and move it beside the original design.
  4. Two of these will fit perfectly in a large hoop and will require three hoopings.
  5. The camera function was used to verify perfect alignment. For smaller hoops, refer to owner’s manual for continuous designs.
  6. Load first color of Cotona #30 embroidery thread.

Step 2. Embroider:

  1. You will be filling the entire 45” of fabric with design, so rehoop as many times as necessary.

Step 3. Serge Hem:

  1. Set your serger to three-thread narrow hem.
  2. Place Madeira Cotona #30 in needle, upper, and lower loopers. Test to see which colors you prefer at the top of your hem.
  3. Serge across bottom of fabric for the entire 45" of fabric.

Step 4. Sew Elastic Casing:

  1. Fold down 1 ¼” to create casing for elastic.
  2. Press.
  3. Sew across the bottom of raw fabric edge to create casing.

Step 5. Finish:

  1. Thread elastic through casing.
  2. Sew across each end to secure the elastic.
  3. Fold skirt in half, right sides together.
  4. Sew a seam down the raw edges being certain to backstitch over the elastic to create a secure seam.
  5. Serge a 3-thread overlock to finish the seam.

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