Embroidered Family Wall Art

Embroidered Family Wall Art

 | Jul 16, 2018

With Letter It! and Monogram It! from Amazing Designs®, it’s easy to create an embroidered piece of wall art whether for you or someone else, the many font styles, size options, thread colors; positioning placement choices allow you to combine letters and monograms so that you can customize your work of art.

Step 1. Open the Amazing Designs App on your desktop and follow the next set of steps:

  1. To place the hoop on the workspace, select the Tool tab and click on Select Hoop. Select the 300mm x 200mm hoop.
  2. Click on the Monogram It! tab on the top toolbar.
  3. Select the Monogram Maker icon and click on the workspace to open the properties. Select 1-Letter Monogram.
  4. To add the names around the monogram, click on the Letter It tab.

Step 2. To create the bottom half of the design, follow the next set of steps:

  1. Place the 360mm x 360mm hoop on the workspace. Activate the Multineedle field then select the hoop.
  2. Select the first half of the design by left clicking and drawing a selection box around that portion of the design. Move the design to the top of the hoop.
  3. Add two more lines of names. Refer to the illustration below for placement.
  4. A decoration will be added below the names.
  5. Adjust the position, size and color of the names to fit with the same spacing as used in the first section.

Step 3. After the entire design is complet, follow the next set of steps to save the design to two different files with separate names:

  1. Select the lower half of the design.
  2. Right click and from the list select Cut.
  3. Open a New page and right click and select Paste. Place the 300mm x 200mm hoop on the workspace. Center the design in the hoop.
  4. Click on File Save As, a working file format (blf), and then save as the format that your machine will read. Give the design a name.
  5. Click on the first page to open the first design. Re-center the design in the hoop.
  6. Click on File Save As, a working file format (blf), and then save as the format that your machine will read. Give this design a different name.
  7. Click on Print to print a template of each the design sections.

Step 4. Cut a section from the canvas fabric that measure 21” x 21”.

Step 5. Hoop the Stabilize It! Tear-Away stabilizer. Add the canvas section so that the embroidery is placed near the top of the fabric and centered from side to side.

Step 6. . Set up the machine for embroidery. Retrieve the top design. Embroider the design, changing thread colors as desired. Remove the embroidery from the hoop.

Step 7. Pin the template for the bottom half of the design below the first embroidered design.

Re-hoop the stabilizer and the embroidered canvas section, centering the section so that the template is centered in the hoop. Re-position the design so that the needle is centered directly over the cross-marks on the template. Remove the template. Embroider the design.

Step 8. At the cutting board, trim the embroidered section to 12¾” x 13½”. Set aside.

Step 9. From the chevron fabric, cut two 4” wide sections across the width of the fabric for the side sashing sections.

Press the seam toward the chevron fabric. Trim as needed.

Step 10. Piece the top and bottom sashing sections to the top and bottom edges of the embroidered section.

Press the seam toward the chevron fabric. Trim as needed.

Step 11. Piece the two side sections to the embroidered section and press toward the chevron fabric.

Step 12. Press the section well. Trim to square up the corners.

Step 13. Center the embroidered section to the front of the 16” x 20” framed canvas section.

Use the staple gun to secure the embroidered section pulling it taut to the back of the framed canvas section.