Embroidered Easter Basket Liner

Embroidered Easter Basket Liner

Created by Milinda Jay Stephenson  | Feb 24, 2020

Spruce up any store-bought Easter basket with an embroidered liner! Create and personalize a fun liner with a saying or your child’s name. Get creative and make one for every kid in your life! Click here to download printable instructions. Click here to download the pattern piece 1 and here for pattern piece 2.

Step 1. Cut fabric.

  1. Cut two of basket sides for outer fabric.
  2. Cut two of basket sides for liner fabric.
  3. Cut two of basket center for liner fabric.
  4. Cut four pieces of 12” Grosgrain ribbon.

Step 2. Pin basket liner sides.

  1. For basket liner sides: Pin ribbon ½” from top of basket liner sides on either end, right sides together.
  2. Pin lining to outer fabric, right sides together.

Step 3. Serge basket liner sides.

  1. Using a 3-thread narrow stitch, serge curves and top of basket sides leaving sides and bottom open.
  2. Open out and press.
  3. After pressing, place right sides of each side piece together. Pin. Sew or serge sides together leaving bottom and top open.
  4. Press.
  5. Turn right sides out.

Step 4. Sew bottom of liner to sides

  1. In bottom to the sides (which are now in the shape of a circle).
  2. Sew or serge all the way around, easing where necessary.

Step 5. Choose a design and embroider with Madeira thread.

  1. Choose an embroidery design from your machine.
  2. I chose Cotona #50 variegated to embroider the eggs.
  3. I chose Frosted Matt to embroider the name.

Step 6. Optional: You may add ruffles by sewing ribbon to elastic and attaching to basket.

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