Patriotic Lace Coasters

Patriotic Lace Coasters

Created by Stephanie Struckmann  | Apr 16, 2013

Who doesn't like to show a little patriotic pride? These free-standing lace coasters using the Dining in Lace and Celtic Interactive Embroidery collections from Designer's Gallery will help celebrate the USA while you practice your lace embroidery skills! Use Madeira thread to make this project really pop! Download printable instructions.

Step 1. Open the program by clicking on the Interactive icon on the desktop.

Step 2. On the left side of the screen next to the workspace, the individual programs are listed.

  1. To select the program, left click on Dining in Lace. If you have installed all of the Interactive programs, Dining in Lace will be the fourth one listed

Step 3. To set the parameters on the workspace:

  1. Click on Preferences on the top toolbar.
  2. Type 200mm in the Width and 300mm in the Height fields. If you are using a machine with a smaller hoop use the largest hoop that your machine uses.
  3. Click on the Metric tab and place a checkmark next to the Use Inches field.
  4. Click on Apply.
  5. Close out of the field.

Step 4. Click on the Coaster tab under the Project or Design Window below the workspace.

Step 5. Under the Theme field, select Sonoma from the dropdown.

Step 6. Select Topstitch category under Border.

Step 7. Select Daisy under Petal Shape

Step 8. Next to Center, select Interactive Design.

Step 9. Rely on the default settings for the remaining fields.

Step 10. To add the lettering to the center of the coaster, click on the Interactive icon on the top toolbar. On the side bar select Celtic.

Step 11. On the Interactive side, click on the Plain Font tab.

Step 12. Using all caps, type in “USA”

Step 13. Click on Set

Step 14. To change the colors on the coaster, click on the icon on the top toolbar.

Step 15. Move the Permutation scroll bar to recolor the design as desired. The center lettering will not change color.

Step 16. Click on Save found on the top toolbar. Name your file “Coaster” and select your USB drive or other location using the Save in drop down menu.

  1. Select the format from the list by clicking the down arrow on the Save as Type box and clicking the desired format. Click Save.
  2. If your machine requires media other that a USB drive, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to transfer the designs to that media.

Step 17. Hoop the Baby Lock Dissolve-Away Mesh stabilizer.

Step 18. Retrieve the coaster design.

Step 19. Merge in the coaster design and add three more of the same design to the workspace. Allow extra space between each so that they do not touch.

Step 20. Embroider the designs using red, white and blue Madeira threads. In the sample, the lettering was embroidered in blue.

Step 21. Cut away the excess stabilizer around the designs.

Step 22. Using warm water, gently rinse away the stabilizer.

Step 23. Place the coasters on a flat surface to dry.

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