Circle-Stitched Handbag

Circle-Stitched Handbag

Created by Diane Kron  | Sep 02, 2011

Sometimes a simple, straight stitch just won’t do. Create this cute and fashionable handbag with the circular sewing attachment and bobbin work capabilities on your Baby Lock sewing machine! Choose your favorite colors of Madeira thread to go with any outfit and perfect your bag-making abilities or make a great gift for friends! Download printable instructions.

Step 1. Cut out the pieces from the fabrics by following the directions on the pattern. Do not follow the general instructions for using texture magic.

Step 2. Using the Super Stable stabilizer, cut out another set of pieces the same size as in Step 1.

Step 3. To create a stable surface to stitch onto and to hold the layers together, lightly spray the front side of the stabilizer with the temporary spray adhesive.

  1. Place the canvas fabric section over the stabilizer and finger press smooth. Repeat this step for the sides and the back sections.

Step 4. Using the water erasable marking pen, draw diagonal lines on the backside on each of the sides and back sections while using a straight edge ruler.

  1. Place the lines 1” apart from each other.

Step 5. Following the manufacturer’s directions, set the machine up with the Circular Sewing Attachment

Step 6. Determine the size of the circle and set.

Step 7. Place the pivot pin in the desired position on the fabric.

Step 8. Place the pivot pin in the “Y” mark.

Step 9. Select the desired decorative stitch and sew allowing the fabric to feed smoothly. Do not push or pull the fabric.

Step 10. To create different sized circles, slide the radius indicator either larger or smaller.

Step 11. After the first set is sewn, use the template for placement and overlapping additional circles (as shown in the sample). Stitch enough to fill the A section on the pattern.

Step 12. In this step the bobbin work technique will be applied to the sides and the back sections of the handbag. Exchange the standard bobbin case for the Bobbin Work bobbin case.

Step 13. Hand wind several bobbins with the Madeira Decora 6 thread.

Step 14. Place one bobbin in the bobbin case.

  1. Place the thread through the guide but stopping just short of the cutter. The cutter should never be used for this technique.
  2. Thread the machine with the invisible thread. Select a straight stitch.
  3. Adjust the tension on the top to between 6-8mm. Since there can be variables with the tension, test sew on sample fabric.
  4. Make adjustments to the tension according to the best sew out. This may take several tries.

Step 15. When creating bobbin work, the back of the fabric will be facing upward.

Using the drawn lines on the back of the fabric, place the edge of the presser foot on the drawn line and stitch along the lines. Repeat until all of the lines are stitched.

  1. Using the drawn lines on the back of the fabric, place the edge of the presser foot on the drawn line and stitch along the lines. Repeat until all of the lines are stitched.

Step 16. Sew the handbag together following the pattern’s instructions while using the pink and green print fat quarters to create the tabs, button and trim on the bag.

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