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Bobbin Work Holiday Placemats

Bobbin Work Holiday Placemats

Created by Kelly Laws  | Nov 05, 2010

Dress up your table this Christmas with an elegant yet simple-to-make set of placemats and napkins that feature bobbin work in a holiday design and decorative edge stitching. If you're new to bobbin work, try this project! It's a great way to learn a new skill while creating a beautiful gift for family or friends. Download tree template and printable instructions.

Step 1. Trace a tree design on to the press away stabilizer using a ball point pen. Trace one tree design for each placemat.

Step 2. Lightly mist the stabilizer and stick it to the back of the placemat so when stitched, it will be in the lower left corner, approximately 1-1/2” away from the corner on each side

Step 3. Replace the regular sewing bobbin case with the grey bobbin work bobbin case. (See instruction manual for assistance)

Step 4. Wind the heavy decorative thread on a bobbin.

Step 5. Thread the machine with the all-purpose thread.

  1. Using the needle up/down button lower and raise the needle holding on to the needle thread until you have raised the bobbin thread to the top of the throat plate.

Step 6. Attach the open toe foot and turn on the Advanced Pivoting function.

Step 7. With the wrong side of the placemat and the stabilizer facing up, stitch along the design lines on the stabilizer.

Step 8. When the stitching is complete, use the hand needle to thread the excess decorative thread to the wrong side and secure.

Step 9. Embellish the tree design with hot fix crystals.

Step 10. Repeat this process for each placemat.

Step 11. For the napkins, select an open airy stitch, and once again with the wrong side of the fabric up, stitch a border along the hemming line of the napkin.

Step 12. Embellish the corner points of the napkin with a few hot fix crystals.

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