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Polyneon Value Pack

Polyneon Value Pack

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This Polyneon Value Pack offers superior value for a go-to thread you can use for almost any task.

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Product Details

  • Ideal for serging and embroidery
  • 40 Weight
  • 2200 yards (2000 meters)


Glossy and bleach-resistant, this thread is ideal for uniforms and commercial linens. It includes 8 2,200-yard cones, 100% polyester embroidery thread.

Madeira Polyneon Thread is a 100% polyester thread designed to smoothly withstand heavy machine use without looping, puckering or breaks. Made with high-quality raw materials, Madeira Polyneon is especially durable and resistant to fading from sunlight, wear, washing and bleaching. It retains its glossy sheen and vibrant colors remain intact, making it the perfect thread for embroidering on uniforms, commercial linens and other items subject to frequent washings and wear.

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Customer Reviews

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