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Metallic No. 50, Spool, 550 yd/500 m

Metallic No. 50, Spool, 550 yd/500 m

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Use Madeira Metallic No. 50 for fine embroidery work or sewing and serging projects requiring an elegant finish.

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Product Details

  • Ideal for sewing, embroidery, and serging
  • 550 yards (500 meters)
  • 5 colors
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Madeira Metallic No. 50 is one of the finest threads perfect for delicate embroidery. This iridescent accompanying yarn is absolutely beautiful. Each shade shimmers with multiple opalescent undertones, giving the appearance of movement. 20% polyamide, 80% polyester.

To make metallic thread you must wrap a super thin strip of foil around a center thread and then bond them together. With the help of precision German engineering, Madeira has perfected this process and you can see the result in the uncommon sturdiness and flexibility of all Madeira Metallics.

All colors come on a spool with double locking end caps to keep thread neat and tidy.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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